Yard March 30, 2018

Brown to Bloom

What’s the significance of these dates?

March 21st, first day of Spring, Daylight Savings, and the trifecta on April 1st:  April Fool’s Day,
Easter, and last day of Spring Break.

They signify our much anticipated transition from the “brown” to “bloom” season in the Northwest!

It’s that time of year for first trips to your favorite garden store or two.  Men in the family: it’s just beginning.  My husband always shakes his head when I say I’m going to plant.  It often entails me plant shopping, and him planting under my direction.  Nothing says ‘welcome’ more than freshly planted flowers.  Perennials I love include tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths.  They are hearty and bloom for quite awhile.  Daphne is the favorite walkway flower to the front door, as it has a wonderful scent. Camellia bushes are majestic, but the rain can brown the flowers quickly at times, so enjoy while you can.  The vibrant forsythia sprays of yellow are also a great filler for an indoor bouquet.  Did you know Oregon has both annual winter and summer pansies?  The temperature dictates which one to plant when.  You can plant winter pansies now! Cherry Blossom and Tulip trees are wonderfully tall backdrops often taking center stage while they bloom.

Bucket of Pansies

Bucket of Pansies

Row of Tulips

Row of Tulips


Spray of Forsythia

Daphne Blooms

Daphne Blooms

Your home’s most colorful welcome mat starts with your favorite flowers!


Local nurseries:

Kordell’s Nursery   West Linn

Cornell Farms      Portland

Al’s Garden          Several locations

Dennis 7 Dee’s   Several locations

Farmington Gardens   Beaverton










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What’s your favorite nursery?